License Agreement

End-User License Agreement for Quant Systems Software

Adventure Learning Systems or Hawkes Learning titled Software, and Course Management System Software. This Quant Systems End-User License Agreement "EULA" is a legal agreement between you and Quant Systems or its assigns, known from here on as "Quant" for the Quant software product/s identified above, which includes computer software, and or license number and may include associated media, printed materials, and "online" or electronic documentation known from here on as "SOFTWARE". By installing, or otherwise using the SOFTWARE, you agree to be bound by the terms of this EULA. If you do not agree to the terms of this EULA, do not install, or use the SOFTWARE.

Software License

U.S. Copyright laws and international copyright treaties protect the SOFTWARE. The SOFTWARE is licensed, not sold, to a unique individual.

  1. Grant on License
    This EULA grants you the following rights: Software License: You may make copies of the SOFTWARE for backup and archival purposes. Distribution: You may not redistribute Adventure Learning Systems or Hawkes Learning titles. Licensee agrees to obtain a unique Authorization code (or Access Code) before use of the SOFTWARE. The Authorization code is created using personal information for the licensee and the limited license number (which is included in the software package, unless license number is purchased directly from Quant without DVD or packaging).

    Quant grants license to SOFTWARE for a time period to extend the life of the product. Quant retains the right to terminate the product or the product's lifetime access at any point, at which time the license to SOFTWARE would terminate. The length of license in its entirety is subject to change at any time per the discretion of Quant.

  2. Rights and Limitations
    You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the SOFTWARE. The SOFTWARE is licensed as a single product. Its component parts may not be separated for use. You may not rent, lease, or lend the SOFTWARE.

  3. Personal Useage Information and Disclosure
    Quant may gather and use information regarding your usage of the software for business purposes and may disclose this information to school officials and/or instructors with legitimate educational interest for educational purposes. This information will NOT be disclosed to any party except as allowed by FERPA regulations (Code of Federal Regulations Title 34 Part 99).

  4. Support Services
    Quant may provide you with support services related to the SOFTWARE ("Support"). Any supplemental software code provided to you as part of the Support shall be considered part of the SOFTWARE and subject to the terms and conditions of this EULA. With respect to technical information you provide to Quant as part of the Support, Quant may use such information for its business purposes, including product support and development, and may store this data at any of its locations. Quant will not disclose this personal information to any third party or identify you. Quant may store individual Authorization codes and student educational records; these materials will not be disclosed to any party except as allowed by FERPA regulations (Code of Federal Regulations Title 34 Part 99).

  5. Software Transfer
    This agreement and the limited license it grants is non-transferable. It is only valid for the unique individual for which the access code has been created.

  6. Termination
    Your rights under this EULA terminate upon the termination of your Adventure Learning Systems or Hawkes Learning EULA. Without prejudice to any other rights, Quant may terminate this EULA if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this EULA. In such event, you must destroy all copies of the SOFTWARE and all of its component parts.

  7. Upgrade
    Periodically Quant will provide upgrades to this SOFTWARE. You may use the resulting upgraded product only in accordance with the terms of this EULA.

  8. Copyright
    Quant or its assigns own all title, including copyrights, in and to the SOFTWARE and any copies thereof. All rights not expressly granted are reserved by Quant.

  9. No Warranties.
    Quant expressly disclaims any warranty for the SOFTWARE. The SOFTWARE and related documentation is provided "as is". No warranty or condition of any kind, expressed or implied is made by Quant. The risks associated with the usage and performance of the SOFTWARE is the responsibility of the end user (you).

  10. Limitation of Liability
    In no event shall Quant or its third party suppliers, be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data, performance interruption, or any other loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use the SOFTWARE. Because some states and jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, the above limitation may not apply to you. Quant is not responsible for the accessibility of Third-Party Sites or Services accessed through the SOFTWARE.

    This EULA is governed by the State of South Carolina.

Additional Information

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Should you have any questions concerning this EULA, contact Quant Systems at (843) 571-2825.