No two students are the same, but all have the common goal of achieving academic success. To make this goal a reality, students need personalized feedback, time-management tools, and a program that's easy to use. No matter your background or comfort level with technology, we provide you with materials to help you not only succeed, but build confidence in your mastery of a subject.

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Getting Started Videos

A complete orientation to getting started with Hawkes Learning materials.

Student Ambassadors

Sometimes, peer-to-peer interaction is the best kind of help. Our Student Ambassador program provides a motivated and hard-working undergraduate student with a dynamic internship opportunity. Each ambassador serves as a campus resource to peers, assisting in questions regarding the Hawkes Learning courseware by meeting with students in the classroom or one-on-one during a predetermined office hour. Through this program, students develop valuable business skills, gain work experience, and positively impact their schools. We are seeking students who have achieved success using Hawkes materials and want to help shape the future of education.

Let us know if you think you're qualified for this fun, resume-building internship by emailing us at

Meet Current Ambassadors

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I wish I would have had Hawkes in high school - it would have made learning math so much better and easier for me!