Compliance Status

Hawkes is currently moving toward Section 508 compliance and WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance. Hawkes is in the process of developing processes for creating content that is "born accessible" as well as developing processes for remediation of existing content. We have developed several best practices documents for HTML, MathML, and SVG formatting. In addition, we have created image design standards that are implemented through CSS. The techniques found in the best practices documentation have all been tested using JAWS to make a baseline determination of accessibility support. Please email us at for the most updated plan for accessibility remediation.

Product Usage Information for Users with Disabilities

The Hawkes web‑based product utilizes a number of technologies that provide accessibility benefits to users. We are working toward making our product WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant.

Accessibility Improvements

The web‑based product utilizes native web technologies to display the content that students read and interact with. The web‑based product is laid out using the Bootstrap framework, which is designed with mobile platforms in mind. Bootstrap has allowed us to create a product that will easily scale to any screen size.

All of the math equations in the web‑based product are coded using MathML and then rendered through the MathJax JavaScript library. MathML provides a hierarchical structure for math equations that can be leveraged by assistive technologies. JAWS version 16 is able to read MathML rendered through MathJax and allows users to navigate through equations using the arrow keys. All of the technical images in the web‑based product are created using Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) markup, which allows users to zoom in on the image as much as they want without loss of image quality. All of the instructional videos in the product are closed captioned. Videos in the product that teach students how to answer questions utilize open captioning.

Accessibility Gaps

The web-based product has some accessibility gaps we are working toward remedying. We are actively identifying and fixing the areas in which the MathML needs better structure so that students can read through the equations using JAWS. The workaround for this issue would be having another person present to help the student.

An alternate style sheet solves any current issues with colors in the product. While we work on building the functionality that will allow users to change to a different style sheet in the web-based product, users can enable their own style sheets with a plug-in for Firefox and Chrome called Stylus. Hawkes is happy to provide students with alternate style sheets to be used in Stylus to alleviate any issues with the colors used.

Feedback Mechanism

Students who experience any accessibility issues are encouraged to email Students can also call us or log in to our tech support chat function to provide feedback or ask accessibility-related questions.

Required Documentation

Hawkes is happy to supply its Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) and Accessibility Conformance, Complaint, and Remediation (ACC&R) Form. Please email the Accessibility Team at for the most updated documentation.

Students who experience any accessibility issues are encouraged to email