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Gapminder has a brief How To Use video for each type of graph, located in the menu bar at the top of the screen, that you may enjoy watching.

By default the following variables will be plotted.

The slider below the graph allows you to change which year you are examining data for. When you press the play button, it will animate the graph, moving through the plots for the years 1800 to the present time. You may select a particular country or set of countries and play the animation. This will gray out the non-selected countries so that you can focus on the journeys of the countries selected.

You may modify the variables plotted by using the dropdowns on the axis labels, or next to the labels Color and Size.

When you hover over a bubble, the country label will be shown and the corresponding values for each variable will be shown on the axes or next to the labels Color and Size.

To isolate a world region, click on the region in the map on the top right and choose Remove everything else.