Discovering Statistics and Data, Third Edition

Technology Instructions

What follows are step-by-step instructions for using various types of technology to evaluate statistical concepts.


Chapter 3: Visualizing Data

Chapter 4: Describing Data from One Variable

Chapter 5: Discovering Relationships

Chapter 6: Probability, Randomness and Uncertainty

Chapter 7: Discrete Probability Distributions

Chapter 8: Continuous Probability Distributions

Chapter 9: Samples and Sampling Distributions

Chapter 10: Estimation: Single Samples

Chapter 11: Hypothesis Testing: Single Samples

Chapter 12: Inferences about Two Samples

Chapter 13: Regression, Inference, and Model Building

Chapter 14: Multiple Regression

  • 14.1: The Multiple Regression Model
  • 14.2: The Coefficient of Determination and Adjusted R2
  • 14.4: Inference Concerning the Multiple Regression Model and Its Coefficients
  • 14.5: Inference Concerning the Model’s Prediction

Chapter 15: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Chapter 16: Looking for Relationships in Qualitative Data