Discovering Business Statistics, Second Edition


Discovering Business Statistics, Second Edition introduces modern statistical methodologies in the context of contemporary business applications and is designed to prepare students to analyze data and make informed decisions in a competitive global marketplace. In the newly expanded second edition, each chapter begins with a Discovering the Real World experience that introduces the content of the chapter using the lens of relevant business contexts and ends with a Discovery Project that asks students to use the content and analysis techniques discussed to make business decisions in a variety of practical situations. Each chapter also includes a Discovering Technology section that provides students with step-by-step instructions for using a variety of technologies including graphing calculators, Microsoft Excel, JMP, and Minitab to perform the statistical analyses explored in the chapter. Newly expanded exercise sets are designed to build fluency through practice. New examples have been added throughout the text that incorporate contemporary data sets to address the present-day concerns of students such as smartphone screen time usage, the COVID-19 pandemic, and credit card debt.

Notable content updates to the second edition include a new chapter on Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, as well as new sections addressing residual analysis, the assessment of normality, confidence interval estimation of the population standard deviation and variance, hypothesis testing of two population variances, and multiple comparison procedures for analysis of variance. Additionally, chapters addressing hypothesis testing have been updated to reflect the most modern methodology used by practitioners.

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