Paul Sisson, Louisiana State University at Shreveport
ISBN: 0-918091-89-6 or 978-0-918091-89-5

Bundled with Hawkes Learning Systems:
PRECALCULUS courseware
ISBN: 0-918091-92-6 or 978-0-918091-92-5

  • Instructor's Annotated Edition
  • Student Solutions Manual
    • ISBN: 0-918091-99-3 or 978-0-918091-99-4

Precalculus, provides a solid foundation of algebraic and trigonometric skills necessary to achieve a mastery of calculus. The text starts with an in-depth review of algebraic skills used throughout precalculus and then eases into exciting new topics necessary to move forward into calculus. This text is presented in a comprehensive and engaging style. Each topic is presented in a rigorous and thorough manner, accompanied by several examples worked out in a step-by-step manner. Detailed work-out notes included in the examples provide further clarification and understanding. Definitions and theorems are clearly identified in yellow boxes throughout the text for easy reference, while common errors are highlighted to warn students against common pitfalls. Each chapter ends with a chapter project which encourages the student to synthesize the important skills from the chapter and apply them to a real world application. Technology, including Mathematica® and TI-83 Plus instruction, has been incorporated throughout the text when appropriate.
Chapter 1:
  Number Systems and Equations and Inequalities of One Variable
Chapter 2:
  Introduction to Equations and Inequalities of Two Variables
Chapter 3:
  Relations, Functions, and Their Graphs
Chapter 4:
  Polynomial Functions
Chapter 5:
  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Chapter 6:
  Trigonometric Functions
Chapter 7:
  Trigonometric Identities and Equations
Chapter 8:
  Additional Topics in Trigonometry
Chapter 9:
  Conic Sections
Chapter 10:
  Systems of Equations
Chapter 11:
  An Introduction to Sequences, Series, Combinatorics, and Probability