Developing Skills in Algebra

J. Louis Nanney / John L. Cable / Linda Tully / Theresa Shustrick / Joe Wilson
ISBN: 1-932628-22-3 or 978-1-932628-22-7

Developing Skills in Algebra is designed for the student who needs a comprehensive review of the topics from elementary and intermediate algebra. This textbook uses the topics covered by many schools in an intermediate algebra course. Within the reader friendly styled text, students will find the algebraic skills necessary to prepare them for courses in college algebra and trigonometry. New topics are presented with expanded explanations, a progression of examples and colorful diagrams, aiding visual learners in their understanding of formulas. To help build a strong foundation and ensure understanding, students will have plenty of opportunity for practice before proceeding to the next concept.
Chapter 1:
  Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 2:
  First-Degree Equations and Inequalities: One Unknown
Chapter 3:
  Solving Word Problems
Chapter 4:
  Products and Factoring
Chapter 5:
  Rational Expressions
Chapter 6:
  Exponents and Radicals
Chapter 7:
  Quadratic Equations
Chapter 8:
  Systems of Equations and Inequalities