Real‐World Algebra

Kurt Verderber
ISBN: 1-932628-53-3 or 978-1-932628-53-1

Real‐World Algebra introduces algebraic concepts in a first-person conversational manner. It is written with students in mind and addresses them directly. The goal is to have students understand college algebra and introduce its connections to additional educational subjects, taking a cross-circular approach. Throughout the text, several examples include music, art, and other numerical applications and scenarios. This text provides a truly unique and understandable approach to functions and modeling.
Chapter 1:
  Real Numbers
Chapter 2:
  Basics of the Math Language
Chapter 3:
  Complex Numbers
Chapter 4:
  Equations and Expressions
Chapter 5:
  The Function Concept
Chapter 6:
  The Linear Family of Functions
Chapter 7:
  Several Linear Families (Systems)
Chapter 8:
  Exponential Functions
Chapter 9:
  Logarithmic Functions
Chapter 10:
  Quadratic Family of Functions
Chapter 11:
  Higher Order Polynomials