Preparation for Algebra

J. Louis Nanney / John L. Cable
ISBN: 0-697-12801-6 or 978-0-697-12801-0

Preparation for Algebra introduces algebraic concepts as basic skills in arithmetic are presented. The reasons for this integration are threefold. First, the students will have more interest in learning the skills of arithmetic when the purpose for solving algebra is revealed. Second, the fact that algebra is an extension of arithmetic will become apparent to the student. Third, the concepts of algebra that are introduced will enhance the student's potential for success in a subsequent course in elementary algebra. New topics, one at a time, are introduces resulting in a text that is easily understood and easy to use in the classroom.
Chapter 1:
  Whole Numbers and the Language of Algebra
Chapter 2:
  Algebraic Expressions Involving Whole Numbers
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
  Concepts and Formulas from Geometry
Chapter 6:
  Operations on Signed Numbers
Chapter 7:
  Using Signed Numbers
Chapter 8:
  Solving Equations
Chapter 9:
  Ratio, Proportion and Percent
Chapter 10:
  Interpreting Data From Statistics and Graphs
Chapter 11:
  Analyzing Word Problems