Essential Statistics

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Table of Contents

Essential Statistics eBook is intended for use in a statistics course and has many interactive features and tests to benefit the student. The eBook contains a multitude of definitions, tables, graphs, excel data sets, and e-Self Reviews.

Note: This is an Adobe® Flash® based product and requires Flash and internet access to be used.
Chapter 1:
  Introduction and Graphical Displays
Chapter 2:
  Measures of Central Tendency
Chapter 3:
  Measures of Variability
Chapter 4:
  Measures of Position
Chapter 5:
  Bivariate Data
Chapter 6:
  Categorical Data
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
  Discrete Probability Distributions
Chapter 9:
  The Normal Probability Distribution
Chapter 10:
  Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem
Chapter 11:
  Confidence Intervals - Large Samples
Chapter 12:
  Hypothesis Tests - Large Samples
Chapter 13:
  Confidence Intervals - Small Samples
Chapter 14:
  Hypothesis Tests - Small Samples
Chapter 15:
  Chi-Square Tests
Chapter 16:
  One-Way Analysis of Variance