Discovering Statistics

by James Hawkes and William Marsh

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Discovering Statistics textbook and software

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Discovering Statistics provides students with applications of statistics in the real world. Integrated throughout the text is TI calculator, Minitab™, and Microsoft Excel support, including Getting Started guides for Minitab™ and Excel. The included data sets are diverse and useful for multiple courses.


Discovering Statistics, by James Hawkes and William Marsh 2/E


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Statistics and Problem Solving
1.1 - 1.3 Getting Started
Chapter 2: Data, Reality and Problem Solving
2.1 - 2.4 The Reality of Conducting a Study
2.5 - 2.6 Levels of Measurement
  Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 3: Organizing, Displaying, and Interpreting Data
ch 3a Frequency Distributions
ch 3b Graphical Displays of Data: Pie Charts and Bar Graphs
ch 3c Graphical Displays of Data: Histograms, Polygons, Stem and Leaf Plots
ch 3d Analyzing Graphs
  Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 4: Describing Data from One Variable
4.1 - 4.3a Measures of Location
4.1 - 4.3b Measures of Dispersion
4.1 - 4.3c Constructing Samples
4.4 Measures of Relative Position
4.5 - 4.10 Applying the Standard Deviation
  Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 5: Discovering Relationships
5.2 - 5.5 Scatter Plots and Correlation
5.6 - 5.9 Fitting a Linear Model
  Chapter 5 Review
Chapter 6: Probability, Randomness, and Uncertainty
6.1 - 6.4 Classical Probability
6.5 - 6.9 Probability Rules: Properties, the Complement, and Addition Rules
6.10 - 6.11 Probability Rules: Independence, Multiplication Rules, and Conditional Probability
6.12a Basic Counting Rules
6.12b Additional Counting Techniques
  Chapter 6 Review
Chapter 7: Probability Distributions, Information about the Future
7.1 - 7.4 Discrete Random Variables
7.7 The Binomial Distribution
7.8 The Poisson Distribution
7.9 The Hypergeometric Distribution
  Chapter 7 Review
Chapter 8: Continuous Random Variables
8.3a Introduction to the Normal Curve
8.3b Reading a Normal Curve Table
8.4a The Normal Distribution
8.4b z - Transformations
8.5 Approximations to Other Distributions
  Chapter 8 Review
Chapter 9:  Samples and Sampling Distribution
9.1 Sampling Distributions Simulation
9.6 Sampling Distributions (Means)
9.7 Sampling Distributions (Proportions)
  Chapter 9 Review
Chapter 10: Estimating Means and Proportions
10.1 - 10.4, 10.6 Interval Estimation of the Population Mean
10.5a Student's t Distribution
10.5b Interval Estimation of the Population Mean for a Normal Population with Sigma Unknown
10.6 Precision and Sample Size
10.7 - 10.9 Estimating Population Attributes
  Chapter 10 Review
Chapter 11: Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
11.1-11.3 Developing a Hypothesis and Reaching a Conclusion
11.4a Hypothesis Testing Means (P Value)
11.4b Hypothesis Testing Means (z Value)
11.4c Hypothesis Testing Means (t Value)
  Chapter 11 Review
Chapter 12: Additional Topics with Hypothesis Testing
12.1a Hypothesis Testing Proportions (P Value)
12.1b Hypothesis Testing Proportions (z Value)
12.2 Testing Hypothesis about a Population Variance
12.3a Comparing Two Means (Large Independent Samples)
12.3b Comparing Two Means (Small Independent Samples)
12.4 Paired Difference
12.5 Comparing Two Population Proportions
  Chapter 12 Review
Chapter 13: Regression, Inference, and Model Building
13.2 - 13.4 Regression Analysis I
13.8a Inference Concerning the Coefficients of the Multiple Regression Model
13.8b ANOVA Regression
  Chapter 13 Review
Chapter 14: The Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
14.2, 14.4 ANOVA
Chapter 15: Looking for Relationships in Qualitative Data
15.2 Chi-Square Test for Goodness of Fit
15.3 Chi-Square Test for Association Between Two Qualitative Variables
  Chapter 15 Review
Chapter 17: Statistical Process Control
17.3 Monitoring with an x-bar Chart
17.4 Monitoring with an R Chart
17.5 Monitoring with a p Chart
  Chapter 17 Review
Appendix I
A.1 The Process of a Statistical Study
A.2 Games of Chance
A.3 Name that Distribution
A.4 Comparing Two Means (Large, Independent Samples)
A.5 Comparing Two Means (Small, Independent Samples)
A.6 Comparing Two Means (Dependent Samples)
A.7 Comparing Two Proportions (Large, Independent Samples)
A.8 Comparing Two Population Variances
A.9 Direct Mail
Appendix II
A.10 Hypothesis Testing - Two Population Variances
A.11 Estimating Population Variance
A.12 c-Charts
A.13 Mean Charts Using s