College Preparatory Mathematics

PREALGEBRA: College Preparatory Mathematics Textbook
J. Louis Nanney / John L. Cable
ISBN: 0-697-06428-X or 978-0-697-06428-8

Prealgebra: College Preparatory Mathematics is written for students who do not have the basic skills necessary to succeed in and elementary college algebra course. The orderly transition from arithmetic to algebra is accomplished in two ways. First, whenever possible, the text utilizes formats usually reserved for algebra in the development skills in arithmetic. Second, and perhaps the most unique feature of the text, is the introduction to algebra which includes the skills necessary for solving first-degree equations. These skills are presented before signed numbers. Then the concepts are reinforced using signed numbers, avoiding introducing too many new ideas all at once. This text provides an excellent foundation for a course in elementary algebra.
Chapter 1:
  Whole Numbers
Chapter 2:
  Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Chapter 3:
  Decimals, Scientific Notation and Square Roots
Chapter 4:
  The Language of Algebra
Chapter 5:
  Solving Equations
Chapter 6:
  Ration, Proportion and Percent
Chapter 7:
  Signed Numbers
Chapter 8:
  Equations and Inequalities Involving Signed Numbers