College Algebra

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Paul Sisson, Louisiana State University at Shreveport
ISBN: 1-932628-27-4 or 978-1-932628-27-2

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ISBN: 1-932628-29-0 or 978-1-932628-29-6

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College Algebra written in a relaxed and conversational style, addresses the need for a complete and mathematically sound presentation of algebra at the college level. It is appropriate for a core curriculum college algebra course, and also contains all the material necessary to prepare students for more advanced classes such as calculus and statistics. Many examples drawn from a variety of fields are featured, and each chapter begins with an overview placing the mathematical concepts that follow in their cultural and historical context. Throughout the text, commonly made errors are clearly identified. The first two chapters provide a quick but thorough review of algebra fundamentals, including a self-contained presentation of complex numbers. This is followed by the extension of algebra to the Cartesian plane; an especially thorough exposition of relations and functions; a detailed study of polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and exponential functions; conic sections and their applications; systems of equations and inequalities; and an introduction to sequences, series, combinatorics, and probability.
Chapter 1:
  Number Systems and Fundamental Concepts of Algebra
Chapter 2:
  Equations and Inequalities of One Variable
Chapter 3:
  Linear Equations and Inequalities of Two Variables
Chapter 4:
  Relations, Functions, and their Graphs
Chapter 5:
  Polynomial Functions
Chapter 6:
  Rational Functions and Conic Sections
Chapter 7:
  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Chapter 8:
  Systems of Equations
Chapter 9:
  An Introduction to Sequences, Series, Combinatorics, and Probability