Beginning Statistics

Beginning Statistics Second Edition BEGINNING STATISTICS
Carolyn Warren, Kimberly Denley, Emily Atchley
ISBN: 1-932628-67-3 or 978-1-932628-67-8

Bundled with Hawkes Learning Systems:
ISBN: 1-932628-68-1 or 978-1-932628-68-5

  • Instructor's Annotated Edition
  • Data Sets for Excel and Minitab
  • Teaching Slides

Beginning Statistics is designed as a learning tool to assist liberal arts students with mastering the basics of statistics. It also offers students with other majors, such as business, education, and psychology, a solid foundation for future statistics courses. This second edition of Warren, Denley, and Atchley’s Beginning Statistics continues in a relaxed conversational style, making the material accessible for the student and easy to understand. Examples and exercises include real-world data sets to pique student interest and allow students to connect the statistical concepts they are learning to the world. Technology-focused examples and chapter technology sections offer easy-to-follow instructions for evaluating problems using your choice of a TI-83/84 Plus calculator, Microsoft Excel, or Minitab. Chapter projects are also available to assign as long-term group or individual assignments. Combining the real-world focus and use of technology, Beginning Statistics provides students with the tools needed to understand and apply statistics throughout their educational and professional careers.
Chapter 1:
  Introduction to Statistics
Chapter 2:
  Graphical Descriptions of Data
Chapter 3:
  Numerical Descriptions of Data
Chapter 4:
  Probability, Randomness, and Uncertainty
Chapter 5:
  Discrete Probability Distributions
Chapter 6:
  Normal Probability Distributions
Chapter 7:
The Central Limit Theorem
Chapter 8:
  Confidence Intervals
Chapter 9:
  Confidence Intervals for Two Samples
Chapter 10:
  Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 11:
  Hypothesis Testing (Two or More Populations)
Chapter 12:
  Regression, Inference, and Model Building
Appendix A:
  Statistical Tables
Appendix B:
  Getting Started with Microsoft Excel
Appendix C:
  Getting Started with Minitab
Answer Key